Education Tours

The Concept and Programme

GVK has named the tour programme as “Educational Tourism” in order to emphasise its unique character i.e., the combination of 2 separate groups of activities –“Educational”, that offers opportunities to learn something new and interesting, and “Tourism”, that involves travel, recreation, and enjoyment. The activities are designed in 3 Days & 2 Nights.

Activities of the First Day :

The Students will be divided in four groups in the First day and the activities under each group as mentioned below:
1. Visit our museum of archaeological artifacts; learn local cultural history.
2. Avisit to a Model Village & talk to the farmers and thereafter JGVK’s Home Industries Section in order to gain first-hand knowledge of life and means of livelihood of the rural folk.
3. A visit to JGVK’s own farms to learn some sustainable farming methods.
4. Discussion on problems facing the biodiversity of Sundarbans from man-made actions.
5. Discussion about the problem of arsenic contamination of underground drinking water and ground water depletion.

Activity of the Second Day all students together:

A full day (7/8 hrs.) boat trip inside the labyrinth of calm waterways and mangrove forest of the “Sundarbans National Park and Tiger Reserve”, with the opportunity to view from close
quarters, a variety of wildlife.

Activities of Third Day:

A visit to the “Tiger Rescue Centre” at Jharkhali located close to our Kendra.